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The most powerful force in business today is women who want to make an impact. Whether that’s reaching financial freedom, getting to travel, or setting their own hours, this is the dream life for so many women entrepreneurs. The problem is so many are stuck searching for how to best align their business for success. This angst is keeping women from building extraordinary businesses and lifestyles that seem impossible right now.

As a featured speaker, Karla shares her entire process with audiences of women at every level of entrepreneurial success. No matter your business or background, Karla’s message will open your eyes to see what could be.

Speaking topics

1. The Event Maximizer: The High-Impact Secret System for Growing Your Business Through Live Events as a Woman Entrepreneur

What’s the fastest way to grow your business as a woman entrepreneur? You could spend another six months creating content, sending emails, or buying more Facebook ads hoping something will get you noticed over time and magically clients will come to you or you can attract them to your own live event.

Karla’s step-by-step process will guide you to align your business with what truly matters, identify your core crowd, and leverage live events to accelerate your business growth. This is the exact same system only six-figure-plus entrepreneurs could access before now. Karla is offering this insight to every mission-driven woman with a message ready to share and who’s ready to take action. You can keep going in several directions with the same results…or you can follow Karla’s process towards greater impact and higher profit in your work and life.

2. The Mompreneur’s Permission Slip for Building a Thriving Business Without Feeling Guilty

This is for the mompreneur who’s burnt out and tired of bugging her friends to throw another product party. The mom that spends some extra time sitting alone in the pharmacy parking lot, the only place where she can get some quiet time. The mom constantly debating between finger painting or finally writing that amazing book that she knows will make it big. The one who feels she constantly needs to choose between her dreams and her family. Busy moms can build an incredible business in between diapers, school drop-offs, and checking their to-do lists. In this powerful, it’s-just-us-moms conversation, Karla Merrell shares her story of building a six-figure business from scratch while taking care of two kids, having bad hair days, and creating the life of her dreams by hosting live events.

You will learn how to realign your schedule, find your crowd, and create incredible live events as the fastest way to grow your business. You can start implementing a clear pathway through the laundry loads towards the schedule and financial success you crave. And yes, there is a full night of sleep at the end of this rainbow.

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