Karla Merrell is the Event Maximizer and Founder of Meet and Greet Events. Karla believes every woman holds the potential to create and deliver extraordinary events to reach the life and business freedom they desire. Her background as an attorney, marketing and sales specialist, and now-former meeting planner led Karla to find the secret to accelerating success for women entrepreneurs.

When she first started her business in 2012, Karla Merrell had zero contacts, no background, and no followers in her industry. In a matter of months, Karla created her proprietary Event Maximizer system that allowed dozens of clients to scale their businesses with powerful results. This four-part turnkey system unlocks the fastest, most effective way of building your business as a women entrepreneur by using live events or online programs.

As a featured speaker, Karla shares her entire process with audiences of women at every level of entrepreneurial success. No matter your business or background, Karla’s message will open your eyes to see what could be.

Karla guides mission-driven women entrepreneurs to recognize their greater potential, connect with their ideal crowds, and create their own live events or online programs to bring a significant impact on the world around us. When she’s not busy helping clients and audiences reach the next level of meaningful success, Karla loves spending time with her husband Ryan, their two kids, Giana and Owen and rescue dog, Denali.